by Eli The Prophet

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This track is the culmination of everything that Eli stand for. His current take on the state of the world and society. All of these problems make him want to go berserk...


What can we possibly expect to discover when our southern big brothers
Try’na take every mother fucker for all of their worth
Worthless wars waged on each other
Raping the land, why? Just to eat burgers brother

The truth is all we really want to uncover
But we got governments trying to smother us
Hoverin’ round under us
Shit, this was 1866, I’d pick up my blunderbuss
Straight walk into a fuckin parliament building and run a fuss

People these days are too nice for all the wrong reasons
We all need to find some common ground to believe in
We’ve got big Pharma killing people makin’ billions
Monsanto slowly poisoning us by the millions
A few companies about to be worth some trillions
Politicians tell enough shit to fill pavilions

But not they crowds though
Let me get through this fucking crowd bro
I don’t mean to be yelling at y’all so much
But you know I’m on that loud so

In this life, if you give, a minute of your time, it’ll take an hour
In this life, if you give, a little problem light, it’ll take a mile
In this life, if you give, a minute of your time, it’ll take an hour
In this life, if you give, a little problem light, it’ll take a mile

Hey now don’t get complacent
I know where you mean, I just can’t place it
That ain’t my scene, I just can’t face it
It’s just that good, I ain’t lace it, Dog
If you wanna make plans we can walk
Oh my my this man he can talk
Remove your crew, except one dude, just like we the first band of the hawk

Never take it just for granted that the world shines
Just as brightly as your heart does on the inside
Cause in spite of all of the common daily insight
Nowadays talking only results in fist fights
Once everybody wasn’t always try’na win sides
Leaders have stopped us from seeing through to what’s right

Aye, I hope we can see what’s right
We got em Kingmobb


released May 21, 2019
Lyrics - Chris Rowan

Beat - courtesy of Kingmobb

Produced by Kingmobb

Engineered by Jordel Downey at CTKR Studios


all rights reserved



Eli The Prophet London, Ontario

Born and raised in London, Ontario, life-long musician and multi instrumentalist Chris Rowan has channeled his inner emcee to bring you Eli The Prophet. London's very own rap prophet is here to spit the truth and call out whack ass rappers everywhere starting with his hometown of London and moving across Ontario. ... more

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